Zine Day Taiwan 2

“Zine Day Taiwan 2” was a market by zine makers in Taiwan and Japan. Lots of visitors came!

(Sorry, written in English only)

Poster of Zine Day Taiwan 2

The event application is by “first come, first served”. The quota was fulled within 2 hours! InkSundae was very lucky to get a booth. The table was very packed to fit in all sellers.

InkSundae was still a newbie. All products could be placed on a small table. (Haha!)

Many visitors came. I only have chance to take photo when there was no customers. That’s why these photos look not too crowded.

There was not much time to know artists from Japan. Hope there will be chance next time. 🙂

About the market:
ZINE DAY Taiwan 2
3-4 March 2018 (InkSundae attended on 4 Mar only)
Retro印刷Jam, Taipei

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