Taipei Art Book Fair 2018

It is the second time to join Taipei Art Book Fair. It is a forever surprising event!

(Sorry, written in English only)

Poster of event

The book fair was held in Songshan Creative Park, same as last year but being in a larger hall this year.

Songshan Creative Park
The venue located at 2nd floor. Toy shark directed the way.

The first surprise was the entrance. It was a giant silver ball. Visitors need to “squeeze” in. People seemed to enter another world after getting through this futuristic gate.

The booths were built with card board box! It was the second surprise.

One large box and One small box

No problem. The booth looked fine after setup. 🙂

InkSundae’s booth

Four-panel comics “Happiness” was released. Unfortunately the paper is out of stock! Fortunately, some readers love it and pre-order it. Thank you very much!

“Happiness” zine

InkSundae’s first zine “Naive” was sold out. It was great to go re-print.

It is a milestone 🙂

More than 100 zine makers, book stores, artists and galleries joined this book fair. They were from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, India, Italy and many more countries. The variety were huge, which is a carnival of independent publishing!

“Book Fair is a dangerous place. Earn on booth and spend on other booths!” I said to some friends. Here were my treasure found.

The most memorable story in these three days was about a group of returning customer. They bought some zines last year and promise to exchange after a year. They came back and asked me to testimony their exchange. They bought new zines and would continue the exchange. It was so touching! 

I Hope I could join next year again.

About the market:
2018 草率季Taipei art book fair & bang bang bang! 宇宙大爆炸 藝術書刊市集
Preview: 12 Oct 2018 14:00 – 21:30
Book fair: 13-14 Oct 2018 12:00 – 20:00
@ Songshan Creative Park

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