South Taipei Fun Festival 2018

South Taipei Fun Festival 2018 (城南有意思) is a special event after the discontinuing of “Guling Street Book Fair”.

(Sorry, written in English only)

Poster of South Taipei Fun Festival

It’s a warm spring weekend. Booths about zine are under a big marquee.

View from the booth

All booths are made with woods which is originally for logistics. It is very environment friendly and look nice.

InkSundae’s booth

Organizer GACC (中華文化總會) and Tien Tien Circle (田田圈文創工作群) organize a small talk inviting zine creators to share their thoughts. I…. spoke in a mess. (opps!) It is just a 3-min talk. Um… I guess I have social anxiety. Haha!

Floor plan

There are over 30 booths participating the event. People who love books enjoy it very much. (including me!)

View from booth

Another highlight of this event is the custard cake! It is exclusively made for this event. Yummy! 🙂

Limited custard cake!

About the market:
4-5 April 2018 10:00 – 17:30
Guling Street, Taipei

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