Microcosm of Zines

Being a book lover, joining market holding in book shop is a special experience, especially in a popular book shop like Eslite. 🙂

(Sorry, written in English only)

Poster of event

Eslite Underground R79 located between metro Zhongshan and Shuanglian Station, which is the “longest” book shop in Taiwan. This market was celebrating its 1st anniversary. Zine makers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan joined this 3-day market.

Banner of event

InkSundae’s booth was next to this banner and facing a giant light box wall. Warm and bright lighting created a nice atmosphere.

InkSundae’s booth

Sometimes it is difficult to customer to spot the booth name. A larger logo is needed. This banner was hand-painted!

New logo banner

My target is to prepare something new every time joining market. (unless two markets were held in short time.) “City Living Guide #3: Office Survival” was new release!

Office Survival (right one) was the 3rd issue of “City Living Guide” series.

Posters relating to zine would be discontinued because a new plan was in progress. Clearance sale for 20% off was held. Two out of six posters were sold out. Thank you!

This one was sold out 😀

On the first two days, Friday and Saturday, crowd came around lunch hour and after 5 o’clock. It was a walkway for office workers nearby to metro station. “Office Survival” zine was quite popular. “Salaryman” understood the tears inside.

The market located at the walkway to metro station
Another side

In this event, a new group of customer could be reached. It was a good experience to talk with them in a nice book shop.

I got two gifts. NO.1 is gaining exposure on the TV at Eslite. Three days were happy enough to me.

Normally the TV shows some featured books or events

NO.2 was a iPass card of Eslite Underground R79 1st anniversary. It is a souvenir for customers who bought more than NT$500. Every booth owner had one too. It was so beautiful!

The market was well organized. Wish Eslite will hold zine market next time. 🙂

About the market:
24-26 August 2018 13:00 – 19:00
Eslite Underground R79, Taipei

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