Hi-kidult Paper Market

A few months ago, an invitation email from “hi-kidult” came to my mailbox. What a surprise! I am glad to accept the invitation to “Paper market”, with which many great illustrators joined.

(Sorry, written in English only)

Poster of event

The venue is at “Boven Library”, which was a private magazine library in 2 floors. On ground floor, the booths were about zines. The outdoor garden was for portrait drawing artists. The basement was about books and illustrations.

Ground floor
Outdoor garden

Another area is about stationary. Unfortunately I have no chance to visit there. 

Stationary area

InkSundae’s booth was at ground floor, next to the coffee bar. The “background” was a magazine wall. (Sorry it was not my work. I hope I could be a contributor of “Premium” one day. Haha!)

Illustration lovers queued up before the event started. The Chinese name of market is about books, illustration books and postcards. (紙本繪本明信片市集) The promotion started about one month ago. It was quite effective!

It started to rain heavily. The visitors stayed inside and kept shopping. It was a busy day. 🙂

Because of the rain and crowd, I couldn’t visit the stationary area. (So sad….) 

The market was a great success. Thanks all who loves the works.

The organiser “hi-kidult” was passionate, detail-minded and helpful. Wish to join their market next time.

About the market:
8 Sep 2018 12:00-19:00
@ Boven Library

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