HaveAnice Festival

HaveAnice is a market organizer with guarantee of quality. It was the first time to join the “HaveAnice Festival”, a feast of book and coffee lovers. 

(Sorry, written in English only)

Poster of event

The event was held in Songshan Creative Park. Warehouse No.2 was for art book, while warehouse No.1 was for coffee.  It emphasised an “exchange” of Japan and Taiwan, so booths from both countries were half and half in proportion.

Entrance Backdrop

“HaveAnice” paid much attention in decoration. They invite live band from Japan and perform at entrance area. (Sorry I haven’t got picture for them. They sing very well.)

Display of publications buy HaveAnice
Entrance of Coffee Area
Stage at Coffee Area

People queued up for tickets. Do they love coffee or art books? 

Queue for ticket

Both parts were filled with crowds. Um… people seemed to love coffee more. Hey! Please come to art book area as well!

Art Book Area
Art Book Area
Coffee Area

A new InkSundae’s product was released, “Mini Gallery” brooch series. The first two item was “book lover” and ‘coffee lover” to fit the theme of this event. It was a 3x3cm hand-drawn painting in wooden frame. The brooch is like bring a mini gallery along with you.

InkSundae’s booth
Mini Gallery on display

Another new thing is the display tool, “pegboard”. It would be more convenient to display more zines in the future. 

New Pegboard

It was a busy month. Next market would be Pinkoi Christmas Market in next Saturday. (Need to rush for something new.)

About the market:
HaveAnice Festival 有質生活文化展
1-2 Dec 2018 10:00 – 18:00
@ Songshan Creative Park, Taipei

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